Minor Civil Works

Whilst we at Priority Construction hold an admirable record in the successful delivery of large scale complicated civil engineering projects, we are also geared up to deliver small scale projects. To date we have delivered an innumerable number of small works ranging in value from between €50k to €0.5 million. Included in those were small scale site enabling & improvement works, live services identification & relocation, drainage works, earthworks, small scale contaminated land remediation, site access works and the likes thereof.

We employ a dedicated team who are totally focused on the delivery of small scale civil engineering works. This team is spearheaded and championed by our dedicated Contracts Managers who oversee the works of Project Manager and the Site Operatives. We also own and operate a large fleet of small scale civil engineering plant and equipment including mini excavators, dumpers, traffic management signage, saw cutting machines and the likes of.

At Priority Construction no civil engineering project is either too small or too big as we are adequately resourced to plan and deliver on all of our client’s needs.