Flood & Coastal Protection

The recent climate change phenomenon has called upon the need for additional flood and coastal protection works. Priority Construction are highly proficient and efficient in the delivery of both. We are an environmentally friendly company and accredited to all of the relevant systems of Total Quality Management in the form of ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001.

To date, we have successfully delivered a number of flood alleviation solutions. All works included a variety of the construction of sheet piling, horizontal anchors, dewatering methodologies, deep drainage, the construction of heavily reinforced concrete structures, pipework and all associated services and telemetry operations. As part of added value initiatives, we completed site infrastructural works in the form of repairs to footways, roads, boundary walls, landscaping and live services. We have a team of dedicated specialists dealing with flood remediation and alleviation works.

Priority Construction also offer expert services in the form of marine remediation and coastal protection works. We are experienced and proficient in dealing with tidal conditions, rock armour, working off barges, working below water levels and dealing with varying and challenging weather conditions.

All works are always planned and executed in line with our stringent HSEQ policies and procedures.