Bulk Earthworks

Priority Construction are highly experienced and competent in the delivery of bulk earthworks projects. For virtually all our landfill projects, we encounter bulk earthworks at times equating to 250,000m3 in volume. At times, we undertake bulk earthworks operations in extremely challenging circumstances. On occasions, we delivered bulk earthworks at depths of up to 8m in boggy marshlands. To overcome the challenges associated with bulk earthworks, we invested in a range of suitable plant & equipment such as widepad track excavators, 30t anti-floatation type dumptrucks, hybrid excavators, water pumps, concrete crushers, grading machines and the likes of. We are also highly experienced and proficient in the use of all types of reinforcing geogrids and cement stabilisation techniques. In relation to handling of rock we have gained valuable experience in ripping, blasting and processing of rock into all forms.

We also always endeavour to deliver environmentally friendly sustainable solutions to our clients bulk earthworks needs. We have the capability to recycle virtually all of the materials encountered in the form of soil, rock, trees, vegetation, peat and the likes thereof.